Contact information and Location

Contact Information

Tenroc Ranch's address is 5471 Thomas Arnold Road Salado, Texas 76571. If you need to contact Tenroc, please call 512-947-9218 or email

Facility Map

Tenroc Ranch is located 2 miles west of I35. Exit 284 onto Roberston Road, then proceed 2 miles to the gated entry on the left. At the entry, you will see this Tenroc Ranch gate and large slab stone.

Map of the facilities

Coming in from the Tenroc Ranch Entry Gate, on your first right, you will see the entry to Chisholm. Don't fret if you don't see the facility as it is a ways down! Just follow the path and you will get there. If Chisholm was not your desired venue, continue on down the path, and the next facility will be Sirena. Lastly, if Sirena is not what you are looking for, follow the trail til the end until you hit Blue Heron.

Chisholm Entry Sign
Sirena Entry Sign
Blue Heron Entry Sign