Here are some answers to some common questions you may have.

What is Tenroc Ranch?

A country style ranch with three venue locations where you can host nearly any large group event.

Where is Tenroc Ranch Located?

You can find us at 5471 Thomas Arnold Rd. Salado, Texas 76571. We have a Stone slab with "Tenroc Ranch" written on it and a gate at the entry. When traveling from I-35, you want to take Exit 284. If traveling southbound, turn right at the light onto Thomas Arnold Road. If traveling northboard, turn left over the interstate and continue onto Thomas Arnold Road.

How many venues does Tenroc Ranch offer?

We offer three unique venues. The names of the venues are Blue Heron, Sirena, and Chisholm.

Does Tenroc supply linens?

Tenroc does not supply linens.

Do you provide extra chairs?

We offer any additional chairs at a 2 dollar fee per chair.

Can I reserve a venue online?

No, please call for reservations.

Can I use any vendor I want?

Yes, you may choose your own caterer, photographer and videographer. Please send a vendor and off duty officer list to cindi@tenroc.com by the 15th of the previous month. Off duty officers must stay until everyone is off the property.

Are there dressing rooms provided?

We offer Bride dressing rooms in all venues, and groom dressing rooms in Blue Heron and Sirena. Grooms can use the hunting lodge at Chisholm, but not overnight

What are the dimensions of the venues?

We provide three PDF's that represent the facilities dimensions.

May I smoke in one of Tenroc Ranch's venues?

No, we are a no smoking facility.

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